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There are many choices when it comes to cremation memorials.  Here are a few examples of memorial types other than your traditional monuments.  We also offer on-site lettering of existing columbariums, veteran or civic memorials, or any other type memorial.  If you have any questions, please contact us at either location, or toll free for more information.

Cremation Bevels
Pillow markers with cremation slot.  These markers can can be designed by traditional sandblasting or optional laser etching.
Cremation Pillars
Available in single or double configuration.  Top panel can be laser etched for even more personalization.

Offer your communities, churches and cemeteries multiple spaces for cremains, while taking up much less space that traditional grave sites.  They come in many styles, colors and number of niches.

Cremation Urns
Urns come is many styles, shapes and materials, from marble to stainless steel.  They can be lettered, or laser etched for a unique personal touch for your loved ones remains.
Solid Support Cremation Bench
Holds 2 cremation urns
Two Niche Personal Columbarium
Holds 2 cremation urns and has space for single flower vase

Solid Support Cremation Bench
Offers up to 4 spaces for cremains

Solid Support Cremation Bench
Holds 2 cremation urns

Four Niche Personal Columbarium
Holds 4 cremation urns

Cremation Vaults

- Textured exterior available in a variety of colors

- Interior finish is a black polymer liner with optional stainless, copper and bronze inserts for accent

- Caroline option available when a feminine touch is prefered

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